💲No-Loss Predictions

No-loss Prediction is a play-to-earn (P2E) model that allows you to explore Nexter prediction market while protecting your capital. It is designed such that you first deposit crypto into the Nexter deposit account and choose to receive the game tokens. While your crypto deposit earns APY, you can use Game tokens to explore Nexter.

Even if you lose all Game tokens in the process, your crypto deposit is unaffected. Moreover, all of your lost Game tokens amount can be reset after 7 days, allowing you to resume exploring Nexter. This is not all there is to No-loss. The second benefit of using this feature is the unlimited rewards potential it offers. While your crypto will earn APY rewards, winning on Nexter can multiply it.

A user can roughly earn 20–30% APY by winning on Nexter. The more a user plays and wins, the greater the potential reward.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Suppose you deposited 100,000 $MATIC tokens into the Nexter deposit account and chose to receive 100,000 Game tokens tokens. The $100,000 $MATIC deposit will now earn you APY.

Meanwhile, you can use 100,000 Game tokens tokens to make predictions on Nexter. If you lose all of your Game tokens tokens, your 100,000 $MATIC tokens will remain unaffected (while yielding returns). You can, however, reset the 100,000 Game tokens after 7 days and resume exploring Nexter.

Reward tokens

Reward tokens are earned by exploring Nexter with Game tokens. Simply put, for every correct prediction made with Game tokens, you will be rewarded with Reward tokens. These tokens can be claimed for crypto while withdrawing from Nexter deposit account.

Rewards Distribution

We’ve proposed a unique reward distribution model, which we’ll illustrate with an example. It’s easy that way!

Example: Consider that 200,000 $MATIC was deposited into the Nexter deposit account and 200,000 Game tokens tokens were generated in return. Assume the users were successful in winning 200,000 Reward tokens tokens using the 200,000 Game tokens.

Now, for depositing 200,000 $MATIC, we received 1,000 yieldTokens (2% APY) as rewards for the day. As part of the platform fee, Nexter will keep 10% i.e, 100 $yieldTokens. And the rest i.e. 900 yieldTokens will be divided into two pools:

  • The first 50% (450 $yieldTokens) will be secured for users who have deposited 200,000 $MATIC. These are fixed rewards that you can earn for depositing $MATIC even if you don’t predict on our platform.

The distribution will be = (Total $yieldTokens [450] * User’s $MATIC deposit) / Total $MATIC balance (in Nexter deposit account)

  • The second 50% (450 $yieldTokens) will go into the Reward tokens reward pool i.e.,for users who have won Reward tokens.

The distribution will be = (User’s Reward tokens Token Balance * Reward tokens pool Rewards) / (Total Minted Reward tokens)

The unique aspect of this distribution is that even if you only deposit $MATIC to earn APY (the first 50% of $yieldtokens), your remaining 50% APY share will be distributed to Reward token winners. This means that predicting on Nexter and winning Reward tokens will provide you with more rewards.


The withdrawal amount is determined by your performance on Nexter. For example, you deposited 1000 $MATIC into the Nexter deposit account and received 1000 Game tokens. But, you then lost 1000 Game tokens in predictions. While withdrawing, you’ll receive 1000 $MATIC + APY on 1000 $MATIC. However, if you manage to win 100 Reward tokens tokens, while withdrawing you’ll get 1000 $MATIC + APY on 1000 $MATIC + 100 Reward tokens converted to $MATIC.

Note: All Reward tokens rewards are auto-converted to $MATIC at the time of withdrawal from Nexter deposit account.

Things to Note

  • Deposit & Rewards lock-in period: The $MATIC deposit and APY rewards have a 7-day lock-in period. This means that your initial $MATIC deposit account and the APY generated on it can only be withdrawn after 7 days from the time of deposit.

  • APY split: The APY is split between the protocol, $MATIC depositors, and the Reward token reward pool. $MATIC depositors will receive 45%, Reward tokens reward pool will receive 45%, and 10% goes as the protocol fee.


There are no risks associated as such with the No-loss model. However, there can be risks associated with third party protocols, which is the source of APY for your crypto deposit. However, users are advised to do their own research before engaging with Nexter.

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