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What is Nexter?


Nexter is a no-loss prediction protocol on Polygon that allows users to predict crypto and commodity prices as well as real-world event outcomes. We are the first platform to offer prediction vaults, that generate returns on user deposits by executing automated prediction strategies. Our platform is set apart by its GameFi elements that reward users for their engagement on the platform along with the accuracy of predictions.


Our vision is to decentralise and democratise prediction markets, aggregating crowd wisdom in a web3 ecosystem. We aim to achieve this through our simple onboarding tools that make the platform accessible to all, regardless of their technical know-how.

What's New?

Nexter is the first platform to integrate play-and-earn elements into a prediction market system. The more users participate on our platform, the more they unlock exciting rewards. Nexter also allows for multiple predictions in a single round, as well as betting in both directions for the ongoing round. This aims to reduce the risks associated with crypto market volatility.

We are the first to tackle user experience and retention using a user-friendly system, where users can effortlessly predict on their favourite assets. Our easy onboarding solutions, such as Magic Link, Transak, and social logins are one of our key strengths in onboarding the masses.

What are the Risks?

There is no platform that is completely risk-free. The risks associated with Nexter are smart contract risks (risk of a flaw in the protocol code) and prediction risk (risk of losing the prediction amount in case of a wrong prediction). However, every precaution has been taken to reduce risk as far as possible, including frequent audits by professional third parties. Check out the audit reports here.

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