🤝Wallet Integrations

I do not have a crypto wallet. How do I use Nexter Prediction?

We are the first to tackle user experience and retention using a user-friendly system, where users can effortlessly predict on their favourite assets. Our easy onboarding solutions, such as Magic Link, Transak, and social logins are one of our key strengths in onboarding the masses. For more details, read here.

Steps to sign-up and use Magic Link services for predicting on Nexter have been detailed in the Getting Started section above. Click here to read more about the Magic Link setup process.

What details will be required to gain access to the private key?

Users must have a registered email address with Magic Link to access their private key.

You can claim your Magic Link private key here (https://reveal.magic.link/bhavish-finance).

Signing up using an email (Magic Link) is a simple method to use Nexter. The wallet is automatically created, and you can easily add and withdraw funds. However, you may want a backup of your Magic Link wallet at times or want it to connect with Web3 wallets like MetaMask. You'll need the wallet's private key to do so. A quick guide to locating and accessing your Magic Link wallet private key is detailed here.

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