🎮Gamifying Staking

Current Limitations

  • Limited User Engagement: Traditional staking platforms lack the mechanisms to sustain continuous user interaction, resulting in a stagnant and less engaging decentralized finance experience.

  • Rigid Staking Solutions: Existing staking solutions often come with binding periods, restricting user liquidity and flexibility. This limitation hinders the adaptability of users to changing market conditions.

  • Chance-Based Models: Many platforms rely on chance-based models, like those seen in games of luck. This approach offers little room for user skill and interaction, limiting the overall appeal and excitement for participants.

  • Staking Fragmentation: Users face challenges when attempting to stake across multiple chains with different tokens. The lack of a streamlined solution results in a fragmented staking experience, potentially diminishing overall returns.

  • Blockchain Silos: Traditional platforms are often confined to a single blockchain, limiting users' exposure to diverse and potentially lucrative opportunities across various blockchain ecosystems.

Our Solution

Holistic User Engagement Solution:

  • Introduce a dynamic and engaging DeFi experience by implementing continuous user interaction features within Nexter's Prowess Chain.

Flexible Staking Solution:

  • Offer versatile staking options through Nexter, serving as a wrapper service above existing solutions without imposing extended binding periods.

Interactive Experience Implementation:

  • Revolutionize the DeFi landscape by centering activities around skill-based games, eliminating uncertainties associated with chance-based models.

Staking all assets in one place

  • Nexter's Prowess Chain offers a unified platform where users can stake various tokens all at one place.

Interoperability Integration:

  • Nexter's Prowess Chain allows for seamless staking integration with any protocol on any blockchain, transcending the limitations of a single blockchain.


The Prowess Chain introduces a plethora of innovative features aimed at fostering a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem for decentralized finance (DeFi) enthusiasts. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and community-driven governance, the Prowess Chain redefines the possibilities of staking and rewards distribution. Below are the key features that distinguish the Prowess Chain:

  • Exclusive Use of Nexter Game Token as Gas Fee: The Rewards Chain operates exclusively using Nexter minted Game Tokens as gas fees, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions within the ecosystem while enhancing utility and accessibility.

  • Open Development Framework: The Prowess Chain welcomes developers and innovators from all backgrounds to build and contribute to the ecosystem. With an open and permissionless architecture, anyone can leverage the platform to create protocols and dApps, fostering innovation and diversity.

  • Cross-Protocol Integration: One of the core tenets of the Prowess Chain is interoperability. Any protocol, irrespective of the blockchain it operates on, can seamlessly integrate with Nexter, enabling a seamless flow of assets and liquidity across different networks.

  • Dynamic Token Minting Model: The Rewards Chain employs a dynamic token minting model wherein 1 USD worth of staked assets generates 100 Game Tokens. This unique mechanism ensures that users receive a standardized unit of utility token, facilitating seamless engagement across the ecosystem.

  • Fair and Transparent Fee Distribution: All protocol fees collected within the Prowess Chain undergo transparent and equitable distribution. The distribution model is based on performance metrics such as volume, Total Value Locked (TVL), transaction volume, user participation, and new user onboarding.

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