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You can sign up on Nexter using the below methods:

If you’re looking for quick and seamless onboarding our email sign through Magic Link offers the perfect solution. Magic Link is a spending wallet similar to MetaMask, but much simpler to use.

Here is how you can log in to Nexter using Magic Link.

  1. Go to the Nexter Website. Click on “Connect Wallet”. Enter your email address under “Log In/Sign Up by Email”.

2. Validate the email address by clicking the link sent to your inbox.

3. You will receive the following confirmation message from Nexter after you’ve been verified. Return to the original page to continue.

4. You’ve successfully logged in to Nexter with your email address. Go back to the Nexter page to begin your prediction journey! You can find your Magic Wallet address and balance on the top right.

Signing up using an email (Magic Link) is a simple method to use Nexter. The wallet is automatically created, and you can easily add and withdraw funds. However, you may want a backup of your Magic Link wallet at times or want it to connect with Web3 wallets like MetaMask.

And you'll need the wallet's private key to do so. Here's a quick yet thorough guide to locating and accessing your Magic Link wallet private key.

Step 1: Visit the Magic Link Private Key Reveal URL and the below screen will appear. Enter your email address and click "Login with Email" to continue.

Step 2: Check your inbox to confirm your email address.

Step 3: Open the email and Click on “Login to Nexter Finance” to confirm your email.

Step 4: Return to your original tab of the Private Key Reveal URL.

Step 5: Confirm your displayed wallet address and tick all the boxes. To proceed, click "Reveal Private Key."

Step 6: You now have access to your private key. To copy the key, select "Copy to Clipboard." Once done, click "Logout" to safely exit the session.

Warning: DO NOT reveal your private key to anyone. Maintain sound security practices to protect your funds. Not your key, not your crypto!

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