📚How to use Nexter

Enabling Gasless Predictions

Don't want to pay for gas? Don't be worried!

We're introducing gasless predictions, which allow you to make predictions on your favorite assets without incurring any gas fees.

Here’s how you can enable the Gasless feature on Nexter.

Note: The gasless mode is only available after you have connected any of your wallets.

After connecting your wallet, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click the settings icon in the top left corner of the Nexter app.

Step 2: A pop-up window will open where you may see "Gasless Mode." Enable it to do gasless transactions through the app.

Important Notes:

  1. Users of hardware wallets should NOT enable gasless mode.

  2. Your minimum bet amount should be $0.1 to be eligible for gasless predictions.

  3. Gasless mode is available exclusively for Stablecoins, not MATIC.

Switch between the prediction assets

Users can choose which assets they wish to predict on. To switch between the crypto tokens available for prediction, users need to click on the dropdown and select the asset of their choice for prediction purposes.

Switch between tokens

Users may predict on the platform using their favourite coins from the available dropdown - MATIC, USDT, USDC and DAI. Please note that the user's choice of prediction token does not imply that the winnings will be rewarded in the same token. The choice of tokens for claiming winning rewards in MATIC or the chosen token will also be provided to users. For example, if the user selects USDC for placing the bet, he will be allowed to choose between USDC and MATIC options for claiming the winning payouts. For users making predictions in MATIC, the payouts will be in MATIC only.For more details, read here.

Making a prediction for the next round

The Nexter Prediction page includes quite some information. Predictions operate in rounds of fixed intervals (detailed in the table below), depending upon the assets you choose to predict on. Make your prediction before a round goes LIVE.

Prediction MarketAssetRound Duration

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes



5 minutes



30 minutes

Checking the counter

To enter your prediction for a round, you'll have to check how long is left for the next round to begin. You'll find the timer in the top-right area.

If the timer is too low (15 seconds or less), your prediction may not be confirmed. Ensure that there's still plenty of time left before you make a prediction (1:00 minute or more should be enough for beginners and as you predict more, you’ll know how long it takes!).

Predicting the next round

When you have checked the counter and you have enough time, you can place your prediction for the next round.

  • In the "NEXT" card (on the right of the LIVE card), you'll see a green Enter UP button and a red Enter DOWN button. Click Enter UP if you want to predict a price increase, and click Enter DOWN if you want to predict a price drop.

  • Once you choose the direction of the bet, the card will flip over and you'll see "Commit" field. Type the number of tokens (MATIC/ USDC/ USDT/ DAI) that you would like to commit to your prediction for the particular round in the “Commit” field. You can also use the slider or click the percentage buttons for this purpose.

  • Once you've added the amount to commit, click “Confirm” and confirm the action in your wallet.

  • If the transaction is entered with at least 15 seconds remaining in the timer and your transaction confirms, an "Entered" message will appear on the top of the LIVE card when the round goes live. Once your round is live, just wait and watch to see the asset price end up in your favour and collect your winnings!

Predicting more than once

When you have already placed a bet for the asset price to go in a particular direction and see a price reversal after placing the bet, you can hedge your bet by betting in the opposite direction as well.

For example, let us consider that in the first instance you placed a bet on the btc price to go UP. However, after placing the bet, you see that the price trend reverses and you enter a DOWN bet for the same round (given that you still have enough time to place a bet in the ongoing round). The process for betting a desired amount for multiple predictions is the same as detailed in the above section (Predicting the next round).

The LIVE round

Once a round is LIVE, the prediction made by you is locked and NO changes can be made on the direction or amount of the bet.


There's nothing you need to do to end the round - the round expires automatically as soon as the prediction timer on the LIVE card runs out.

Checking the outcome of the round

Once the LIVE round ends, the card will display "Calculating". Result calculation takes a few seconds and the outcome is displayed after the calculation is done and the card will read as "EXPIRED". The result of the round will be displayed with the outcome (UP/DOWN) highlighted in their respective colours (UP in Green and DOWN in Red).

Collecting your wins

If you won your entered round, a COLLECT EARNINGS button will appear on the card. Click the button to reveal a new window with details of the win. Finally, click the “COLLECT IN MATIC/ USDC/ USDT/ DAI” button and confirm the action in your wallet to receive your winning payouts. Once the earnings are collected, the button is replaced by the text “Earnings Collected”.

Viewing historic profit and loss data

To analyse your prediction performance, you can view your overall profit and loss data whenever you'd like. Click on the human icon and your personal portfolio page will open. Switch to the “PnL” Tab on the displayed page and reveal the stats for your historic performance in prediction, including your net results, average return per round, total number of rounds entered/won/lost and and other information.

Checking the history of rounds played

If you’ve missed tracking your progress and want to check the details of past predicted rounds, you can check the outcome of the round here and collect your wins here.


To check where your prediction game stands in the crowd, click on the Leaderboard icon to see the details of all the participants. By default, the Leaderboard page is sorted based on the <variable name>. To analyse your position based on any particular metric, click the toggle button for any of the parameters (betted amount, net winnings, win rate, rounds won, and rounds played) to sort the data accordingly. Note that sorting can be done based on a single variable at any time and multiple filters cannot be applied to the leaderboard data at any time.

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