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Nexter Prediction Intro

About Nexter

Nexter is a no-loss prediction protocol on Polygon, Arbitrum & zkSync that allows users to predict crypto and commodity prices as well as real-world event outcomes. Itโ€™s the first platform to offer prediction vaults, that generate returns on user deposits by executing automated prediction strategies. Nexter is set apart by its GameFi elements that reward users for their engagement on the platform along with the accuracy of predictions.

No-loss Predictions

Nexter no-loss Predictions is a play-to-earn (P2E) model where you can explore the Nexter prediction market while protecting your capital. It is designed such that you first deposit crypto into the yield account and in return receive the game tokens. While your crypto deposit earns yields, you can use game tokens to predict on Nexter.

Even if you lose all game tokens during prediction, your initial crypto deposit is unaffected. Moreover, the game tokens can be reset after 7 days, allowing you to resume exploring Nexter. The second benefit of using this feature is the rewards potential it offers. You earn APY for depositing crypto into the yield account plus you can take the winnings home in predictions.

  • Reward Tokens: Reward tokens are earned by exploring Nexter with game tokens. Simply put, for every correct prediction made with game tokens, you will be rewarded with reward tokens. These tokens can be swapped to crypto while withdrawing from the Nexter yield account.

Nexter Markets:

Nexter features three prediction products that are as follows:

Crypto Binary Options (No-loss supported)

Crypto Predictions is a binary options product where users predict on different crypto price outcomes. The distinguishing feature is that users can predict many times in a single round along with betting on both sides in the same round.

Quests: (No-loss supported)

Quests is a prediction market for real-time events. Users can make predictions on a wide range of real-world events, including, but not limited to, the FIFA World Cup, cricket matches, F1 racing, entertainment, business, and technology. Prediction Vaults

Nexterโ€™s prediction vaults automate predictions for users, allowing them to earn an APY on their crypto deposits. Users can pick between two strategies on crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, and MATIC. The strategies run automatically on the following assetsโ€™ prices and place predictions accordingly.

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