General Questions

What’s the Nexter Prediction contract address?


Where does Nexter Prediction source its price feed from?

Nexter sources its price feeds from:

  • ChainLink Oracle: Locked Price; Price used for closing each round

  • Trading View: Real time price feeds on interface

What is the cost of interaction with Nexter Prediction?

Nexter charges a transaction fees of 2.5% on the total pool amount before distributing the winning payouts.

Where do my winnings go?

All winnings will be deposited in the smart contract, in the form of unclaimed gains. You can release and claim your winnings by using the “COLLECT EARNINGS” button. Once claimed, all claimed rewards will be transferred automatically to your wallet and “Earnings Collected” text will be displayed.

What are the supported currencies for making the predictions?

Nexter prediction allows users to place their bets using the following currencies:

  • MATIC (the native token of Polygon chain)

  • USDC

  • USDT

  • DAI

What are expired rounds?

A live round expires automatically as soon as the prediction timer on the card runs out.

If I predict using USDC, will I be able to claim my winnings in USDT?

No. As specified in the Switch between tokens section, users will be allowed to choose which of the 4 currencies they’d use to place their bets. Once the bets are placed, a limited set of options are provided to claim the winning payouts. The possible combinations are listed in the below table.

Currency Chosen for PredictionCurrency Choice for Claiming Wins









When can I use the Nexter Prediction market platform?

You can predict on the platform at any time when the markets are live. Nexter Prediction will have different durations depending on the market you wish to predict on.

  • The cryptocurrency markets will be active 24x7

  • The commodity markets will be active 24x7

How do I participate in the Nexter Prediction protocol?

All you have to do is connect your wallet and start predicting. For details on using the Prediction protocol, you can look at the Guide to Use Nexter Prediction.

How to enable gasless predictions on Nexter?

The process is very simple. Follow the guide here to enable gasless predictions.

Is there any eligibility to enable gasless predictions?

Yes! The user's minimum bet amount should be $0.1 to be eligible for gasless.

Is gasless mode supported for all currencies?

No! The gasless mode is only supported for stablecoins (USDT,USDC and DAI) on Nexter.

Is gasless mode supported for all users?

No. Hardware wallet users should not enable gasless mode (Gasless predictions are supported for MagicLink wallet users).

What are the assets available for prediction on Nexter?

Nexter currently supports cryptocurrencies and commodity markets for predictions. More details in the table below.

Prediction MarketAssetRound Duration

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes

Crypto Currencies


5 minutes



5 minutes



30 minutes

Stay tuned to the Nexter App for more additions of new assets.

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